General English Course

Our General English courses take you through from beginner level to advanced. They develop all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as systematically building your grammar and vocabulary knowledge and application. All aspects of pronunciation are also focused on to help you sound more natural and to understand other speakers of English.

The courses are organised as follows:

Upper Intermediate
Lower Advanced
Course conten

Each course, apart from Lower Advanced, has a course book, but the teacher will also bring other materials to the lessons, such as audio cassettes or CDs, DVDs or authentic materials from newspapers and the Internet. At Lower Advanced level, you will study a topic-based course which develops all four skills, with a major focus on developing your spoken fluency and building your vocabulary, using materials especially designed by our academic team. These will help you to move comfortably onto Advanced level. Throughout the levels, you will also learn other language-related skills, such as how to use a dictionary effectively (both bilingual and monolingual dictionaries) so that you can become more independent in your learning.

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