OHC Level System

Continuous Enrolment system

Continuous Enrolment system works student-centred in top-ups. According to each student's success, they can top up within different periods of time. Top-ups are processed with periodic exams (reading, writing, speaking and listening), active participation in class and the teacher's assessment.

Progress and Self-Assessment – Teacher Feedback

Each month your teacher will spend time with you face to face and together you will assess your progress through the ‘Can do’ statement process to ensure that we are guiding you, the learner towards your performance goals. There is constant evaluation of how you are progressing and how your language skills are developing. With your teacher you will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and what may need to be reviewed. You teacher will be monitoring all the time and if you are learning faster than the other students then the teacher will discuss this with you and move you up to the next level. If you feel you are working hard but making slow progress we will provide you with advice and additional support that you may need. At the end of your course you will receive certification which will state your efficiency level and what you have achieved relating to the terms of 
the Common European Framework and reflect what you are able to do in terms of communicative tasks.

Online Learning

In addition to your classroom learning, students will also be given the opportunity to study online at home through an internet based tutoring system. As with any field of study, the harder the student works, then the more the student will learn. For this reason, we provide the online service to give the students a huge supply of supplementary resources.

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